The Waters

History of The Waters

The Waters is a Pike Road development located in the northeast area of Pike Road, close to the I-85N Waugh exit.  All homes in The Waters are zoned for the upcoming Pike Road School.  In fact, the school will be located inside The Waters community.

Constructed in the mid 2000’s, The Waters is eye candy.  It’s like nothing else in east Montgomery (edit 2013: with the possible exception of Hampstead) or in Pike Road.  If you want something close to Mayberry, The Waters is it. You have to give The Waters credit, they were in to sustainable living, farm to fork, live local, that whole movement way before anyone else in Montgomery was. They set out to create a community, and they really succeeded. It’s not your typical mechanized development, they created a town square and made it all work.

Developed around the 200 acre Lake Cameron, The Waters is a walkable, self-contained community.  There’s the Town Square with shops, a restaurant, community pool and pavilion, plus fishing on the lake, tennis courts, extra wide sidewalks . . . way more amenities than a typical planned community.

It’s quite rural, even though (I timed it) it’s only 3 minutes to I-85, the main drag through Montgomery.  It’s a good drive if you get there through Pike Road, but once you get to The Waters – pretty cool.  So the trade-off is a longer drive for a unique, quaint “lifestyle.”

There are loft apartments, cottages, grand homes – all with small, tidy yards and back alley parking.  Think Celebration, FL.  Very Traditional.  Very Southern.

The Waters also scored a major coup by being ahead of the Pike Road school issue. The developers dedicated a parcel of land that they have promised to give – yes give – to the Town of Pike Road, just to build a school.  To get more information on the Pike Road School system, please click here for the Town of Pike Road’s site.  As of this writing, the community of The Waters will be the location for the Pike Road school system’s K-8 school. All of the homes inside the Waters will be biking, if not an easy walking distance to the school.  That’s what I mean about Mayberry. Obviously, other Pike Road residents can go to the school, but if you live inside The Waters, you have the easiest trip to school.

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