Demand is High for New Montgomery Public Schools

August 17th, 2009 categories: Montgomery, Schools

Last week was the first week of school for Montgomery Public Schools, and if anyone doubted the demand for public schools on the east side of Montgomery, AL, all doubts have been erased.

Homeowners in these schools zones should be pleased.getting on a bus

However, the Montgomery Advertiser reports a lot of traffic and “overcrowding” at the 2 newest east Montgomery schools, Wilson Elementary and Carr Junior High (to read the article, “Carr Junior High already crowded”).

Consider a few things while digesting these reports: 1) the first week of school is chaotic for any school, in any zone, 2) these are two brand new schools built where demand is HIGH for public schools, and 3) there are now 3 large public schools virtually next door to one another along  the 2-lane Ray Thorington Road.

getting into car at schoolIs anyone really shocked about the traffic?

Let’s give these schools a chance to work out some kinks.

As for the overcrowded classrooms, the Advertiser article reports that school administrators are double checking residency to make sure kids are really zoned for these new schools.

I wish them all luck, and look forward to checking back in a month or so to see how conditions have improved.

Proposed Zoning for Carr and Wilson Schools in Montgomery, AL

March 23rd, 2009 categories: Montgomery, Schools

The Montgomery Public Schools (MPS) website has posted proposed zoning for the newest east Montgomery schools:  Wilson Elementary and Carr Jr.  This new zoning will take effect Fall 2009.

Below is the zoning map for Carr.  For closer detail, click here for the PDF from the MPS website


Here is the proposed map for Jim Wilson Elementary School.  Again, for more details click here for a link to the map on the MPS website.


This is a really important and exciting time for the Montgomery Public Schools and the city of Montgomery.  Two public forums have been scheduled to discuss the  new school zoning:  Monday, March 23rd  (today) at 6:00 pm at Blount Elementary School, and Thursday, March 26 at 6:00 pm at Brewbaker Junior High.  Parents are encouraged to attend these forums.  Voting on the new zoning will take place in April.

As always, if you’re looking for a home in one of these new Montgomery school zones, we’d love to help.  It costs you nothing to let an experienced Realtor help you with your home search.  Give us a call or email from the info at the top of the page, or contact us via the contact tab.

For pictures and video of these schools under construction check out these posts:

Neighborhood Spotlight:  New Park (video shows Wilson school)

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New School Zoning in East Montgomery, AL Is Not Decided – Yet

February 16th, 2009 categories: Montgomery, Schools

school-crossing-signAs of Friday, February 13, 2009, next year’s zoning for Blount Elementary School, Carr Middle School, and James W. Wilson , Jr. Elementary School has yet to be finalized.  All three public schools in East Montgomery are located off of Ray Thorington Road – Carr and Jim Wilson are new schools under construction with opening dates of Fall 2009.

I called the Montgomery Public Schools office Friday and was directed to their transportation department.  The employee who answered the phone there said that zoning decisions for next year are currently underway, and have not been released yet.

Students currently in the  Blount Elementary zone are living in homes south of Vaughn Road in East Montgomery neighborhoods like Sturbridge, Deer Creek, Thorington Trace, and Breckenridge.  Neighborhoods as far east as Woodland Creek are included in this school zone. (The map below shows  areas north of Vaughn that are zoned for Halcyon, and areas south of Vaughn currently zoned for Blount.)


new-school-picAs always, MPS is the final authority for zoning neighborhoods for public schools.  It’s a big deal for two new public schools to open in this area, so I’ll post an update when MPS finalizes zoning lines. If you’d like to find a home zoned for these new schools,  contact us or call the number at the top of the page. We know the area well and would love to help you find the right home and the right school for your family.