We Chose Breckenridge in Montgomery, AL – Here’s Why

February 11th, 2009 categories: Montgomery, Neighborhoods

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Breckenridge (located on Ray Thorington Road, right past Deer Creek) looks pretty, but what’s it really like to live there?  We wanted the scoop on this newer neighborhood in east Montgomery, AL, so we asked a homeowner.  Check out what Marla had to say below.

Question:  Why did you choose Breckenridge when you were looking to buy a home?

Answer:    We chose Breckenridge because we wanted to be a little further out of the city but still have all the city perks (ex., water, garbage, fire department,).  We also liked the feel about Breckenridge!  We thought it would be nice to be a part of a newly developed neighborhood.

Question:  What perks have you found living in this neighborhood (that you may not have considered when you bought)?

Answer:  The clubhouse is wonderful!  The weight room is extremely nice, the kids (and I) LOVE the swimming pool, the tennis court is great as well.  An added bonus is the 2 ponds that are just a short walking distance from our house.  Our new puppy will LOVE them!  The middle school that is almost directly behind my house is a huge added bonus that we did not know would be ready when we moved here.  Also, the location is EXTREMELY convenient to so many things!  Most things that I need are only 8 to 9 minutes from my driveway.

Question:  What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone relocating to Montgomery

Answer:  Convenience!  With everyone’s busy lifestyle no one wants to be in the car any longer than they have to.  Look at what is available close to you.  Also, look at a neighborhood at different times of the day.  Are families outside playing, walking the dog?

Thanks so much for your help, Marla!  Not only are you a most fabulous pre-school teacher, you are also a huge help to families looking for homes in the River Region.

If you have more questions about Breckenridge,or would like to tour a home for sale, we’d love to help.  Call us at the number at the top of the page, or send us an email via the contacts tab.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Breckenridge in Montgomery, AL

September 4th, 2008 categories: Montgomery, Neighborhoods

Breckenridge EntranceIf you’re mapping out a house hunt based on Montgomery public school zones in East Montgomery, Breckenridge could be on your short list.  Throw a rock from a Breckenridge home and you could easily hit Blount Elementary School, the construction site of Carr Middle School, and the Ray Thorington baseball complex.  Ray Thorington Road has become a major corridor for new development, so who knows what else that rock will hit in 2 years?  5 years?  Bottom line:  It’s close to good public schools and convenient to east Montgomery shopping and attractions.

My family was in Breckenridge the other day for a birthday party at the pool/clubhouse.  It’s Breckenridge Poola big facility, with all the bells and whistles a new neighborhood (e.g Deer Creek, Sturbridge, Woodland Creek) has these days:  pool, clubhouse, playground, green space, sidewalks, etc.  The kids loved the zero-entry pool.  The parents loved the shade at the pavillion.  The amenities were definately more than anticipated.

I also went along with John to show a house one Saturday.  To me, the houses looked pretty big, and in a higher price range than some neighborhoods off Ray Thorington Road.  The home I was in had features that were a notch above the traditional spec house – built in cabinetry, more extensive molding, high end finishes in the kitchen.

Breckenridge PlaygroundCurious about where your rock will hit?  Give Breckenridge a look.  We’ve been there and can help you.  Contact us at the phone number or email address at the top of this page for a showing of any River Region home!