New School Zoning in East Montgomery, AL Is Not Decided – Yet

February 16th, 2009 categories: Montgomery, Schools

school-crossing-signAs of Friday, February 13, 2009, next year’s zoning for Blount Elementary School, Carr Middle School, and James W. Wilson , Jr. Elementary School has yet to be finalized.  All three public schools in East Montgomery are located off of Ray Thorington Road – Carr and Jim Wilson are new schools under construction with opening dates of Fall 2009.

I called the Montgomery Public Schools office Friday and was directed to their transportation department.  The employee who answered the phone there said that zoning decisions for next year are currently underway, and have not been released yet.

Students currently in the  Blount Elementary zone are living in homes south of Vaughn Road in East Montgomery neighborhoods like Sturbridge, Deer Creek, Thorington Trace, and Breckenridge.  Neighborhoods as far east as Woodland Creek are included in this school zone. (The map below shows  areas north of Vaughn that are zoned for Halcyon, and areas south of Vaughn currently zoned for Blount.)


new-school-picAs always, MPS is the final authority for zoning neighborhoods for public schools.  It’s a big deal for two new public schools to open in this area, so I’ll post an update when MPS finalizes zoning lines. If you’d like to find a home zoned for these new schools,  contact us or call the number at the top of the page. We know the area well and would love to help you find the right home and the right school for your family.

Blount Elementary Takes on Demand in East Montgomery, AL

September 25th, 2008 categories: Montgomery, Schools

If there’s any question about the demand for good public schools in Montgomery, AL, check out the population explosion at Wynton Blount Elementary School.  Clearly there is a trend, and clearly Blount is meeting that need.

It’s the newest elementary school in Montgomery and it draws from neighborhoods on the south side of Vaughn Road in east Montgomery (Sturbridge, Deer Creek, Thorington Trace, Breckenridge, etc.).  Count the portables – they’re evidence of the demand for good neighborhood schools.

So it’s in a good location, but what goes on inside?  Click here to check out test scores for Blount Elementary.

With Carr Middle School scheduled to open next door in the fall of 2009, it seems that demand will remain strong for Blount Elementary School.  Its address on Ray Thorington Road means that it will be surrounded by new neighborhoods with varying price points, and it will be convenient to east Montgomery shopping and churches.

You can contact Blount elementary school at (334) 244-0078 or visit their website here.  You can also access the Montgomery Public Schools website by clicking here.