Looking to Sell Your Home….Don’t Miss These 2 Tips

February 12th, 2014 categories: Uncategorized

Short Checklist to Help Your Home Sell

Of course you could make a really long checklist of things to do to sell your home.  Most of those things have some level of importance, but let’s focus on the majors.

Recently, I was talking with John Coley of Lake Martin Voice Realty and he emphasized the three areas to focus on when selling a home.  Taking care of these 3 areas is no guarantee to selling you home, but it certainly will improve your chances of selling your home quickly.  Let’s take a look at the first two areas to consider when selling a home.


1)  Pricing–  It is hard to argue with price.  I like the local Ford dealership’s motto which states “Price sells cars”.  I agree.  Price sells houses as well.  There are different strategies on pricing a home.  Some people stick to the theory that people are going to negotiate my price down, so I need to start high to give room to negotiate.  That is a valid point.  The problem with that reasoning is that pricing a home too high can scare away people from even looking at a home so you do not get as many offers.

In my opinion, there is a better strategy.  While it is true that negotiating is part of selling a home, I believe you are better to leave just a little negotiating room.  By pricing your home at a fair market value, you are more likely to get offers.  Buyers know when a home is a good price and they are more likely to give you an offer.  Wouldn’t you rather have offers coming in that you can accept or counter, than to have you home sitting waiting on the perfect offer?  I am not suggesting pricing your home below market value.  I am simply suggesting that a fair price that will attract buyers without letting your home sit on the market.


2) Staging–  You fill in the blank.  “You never get a second chance to make a __________  _____________”.   First impressions are very important when meeting people and also in the world of real estate.  For example, if you home is on the market and a potential buyer walks in and is immediately hit with a whiff of pet odor, it immediately creates a hurdle to overcome.  Staging is so important that now there is an industry of professional stagers to help homes sell.  Even without a professional staging company, a little bit of effort can help your home make a good first impressions.

Here are few things to keep in mind when staging your home.

Odors–  As mentioned, stinky homes are harder to sell.  If you home smells from smoke or animals, then carpet cleaning and air freshener are simple steps that can help.

Paint colors–  Painting is a little more work than spraying air freshener, but it your home has some unusual colors tones throughout, it would be a good idea to make the switch to more neutral colors.  Remember, it is time to think of what is going through the buyer’s mind.

Clutter–  Make sure you rooms are not filled with too much furniture which can make rooms look smaller.

Family photos–  It is not necessary to remove all photos, but it you home is loaded with them or other personal artwork, removing them make help the buyer see the house as a future home for them and not just someone else’s home I am viewing.

Fan memorabilia–  John Coley of Lake Martin Voice Realty helped me realize the importance of this one, especially in the state of Alabama.  If your home is painted orange and blue with Auburn logos all over the house, you probably have made a bad first impression on half of the state.  The same is true if you have Nick Saban statue in the front yard.  Football rivalries are fun, but let’s not lose a potential buyer over them.

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