First Time Home Buyer in Pike Road, AL

January 14th, 2014 categories: Uncategorized

Why I bought my first house in Pike Road

Let me reminisce a little.  Close to 5 years ago, I decided to purchase my first house.  I was getting married and looking to start a family.  We were on a tight budget so price was a factor.  Location was also very important, as was resell value.  We closed on a house in Bridle Brook Farms in the 140k range with a big yard and country living feel.  Let’s take a closer look at the 3 decision factors for buying a home in Pike Road and see how they apply today.

Price–  Pike Road has a wide range of prices for homes.  If you are on a smaller budget, then you may decide on a home like we did in Bridle Brook Farms.  Bridle Brook homes can be found from the 130k range up to around 200k.

Moving on up the scale, If your budget is in the lower 200k range, then neighborhoods like Woodland Creek and Stone Park have options for you.  The Waters has smaller homes in this price range as well.

If you are looking for a larger home with a budget over 300k then there are many options in Pike Road.  Bon Terre, Providence, The Waters, and Woodland Creek all have large homes, many sitting on large lots.  Bon Terre and Providence have some of the lowest square footage price in the area for newly constructed homes.

Location– Pike Road is convenient and looks to be becoming more convenient by the day.  Many neighborhoods in Pike Road are less than 10 minutes from Chantilly and Eastchase.  With the continuing developments along Chantilly, more and more businesses look to be moving closer to Pike Road.

Resell Value– While predicting resell value can obviously not be guaranteed, it is a great sign to see the advancements the Town of Pike Road is making.  The first and foremost of those advancements is the coming of the Pike Road School set to open in August 2015.  The opening of the new school will most likely increase the demand for houses in Pike Road, as parents look to enroll their children in the new school.  While this is no guarantee for home prices to increase, Pike Road’s continued development is certainly a good sign.

If you are looking to buy a home, whether it is our first home or last home, Pike Road is a great choice.  Pike Road was recently name one of the top 12 zip codes in Alabama .  If you are looking to buy…or for that matter sell a home in Pike Road or East Montgomery, call 256-853-0357 or email [email protected].  To take a video tour of neighborhoods in Pike Road, visit the Neighborhoods page.