Woodland Creek in Montgomery, AL: A Wild Video Ride

March 10th, 2009 categories: Montgomery, Neighborhoods

Here’s my latest swing through Woodland Creek – the neighborhood in east Montgomery that has a Pike Road address, but at this writing is technically part of the City of Montgomery.  I’ve written about it before, so check out my other articles if you’d like to know more.

Today (March 10, 2009) there are 10 homes for sale on the Montgomery MLS in Woodland Creek.  This surprises me – I thought the number would be higher.  These homes range in price from about $210,000 for a 1,600 square foot home, to about $400,000 for a 2,600 square foot home.  These prices represent a range of $121 – $153 per square foot.

Feel free to search the MLS from our site (no strings attached, no nosy questions), or contact us at the number at the top of this page if you’d like to see any of these homes in Woodland Creek.  As a buyer it costs you nothing to work with an experienced Realtor – the sellers pay our commission. We can show you any property in the MLS.

Now, a disclaimer . . .

It’s hard to drive a car through a neighborhood and film decent video.  I tend to drive fast.

So, please have mercy on the quality of my “Quick Tours” videos, and know that I’m doing it so you can SEE what a potential neighborhood looks like, rather than simply read about it’s stats and MLS listings.  If you have any suggestions for the videographer (me), feel free to share them by commenting below.