We Chose Bridle Brook in Pike Road, AL. . . Here’s Why.

March 4th, 2009 categories: Neighborhoods, Pike Road

[viddler id=dd85eafd&w=437&h=370]I’ve written about Bridle Brook before, but here’s a chance to get the scoop on this Pike Road neighborhood from a current resident.  Elizabeth and her husband have two school-age children, and have lived in Bridle Brook for several years. This is what they have to say about living in Bridle Brook . . .

Question: How did you choose your neighborhood?  What were the main factors that led you to buy in Bridle Brook Farms?

Answer: We chose this neighborhood based on the large amount of families and amenities offered.  There is a clubhouse with pool, tennis court, softball field, playground and fishing lake.  Our neighborhood isn’t too big and everyone is very friendly.  We also love the location.  With so many businesses moving out this way (Pike Road), we feel close to everything.  The weeping willow trees in our backyard are what sold me on our house.

Question: What perks have you found living in this neighborhood (that you may not have considered when you bought)?

Answer: Homeowners’ dues are low for the amenities we get compared to other neighborhoods.  We currently pay $250 a year and the recent raise in dues is going to cover some new things like a possible fishing peninsula in the lake.  We have great holiday events such as Santa at the Clubhouse, a Halloween festival, a Summer Bash, and neighborhood yard sales.  We also have a neighborhood cookbook.

Question: What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone relocating to Montgomery?

Answer: Do your homework before you decide on a neighborhood.  Make sure it is in an area that you feel comfortable in.  Don’t hesitate to ask around about churches, schools, etc.

Thanks for your insight, Elizabeth!  If you are interested in looking at a home for sale in Bridle Brook, or would like to know more about the Pike Road area, give us a call at the number at the top of the page, or use the contact tab. We’d love to help.