We live on base at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL. . . Here’s why.

January 25th, 2009 categories: Montgomery, Neighborhoods

I’ve never lived on base.  I’ve visited Maxwell AFB a few times (and it’s pretty cool), but as I try to make this blog as useful as possible, I realize there are limits to my “expertise.”

Enter the series of interviews I’ve been working on with real people living and working in the River Region.  If I haven’t experienced it, I’ll find someone who has.  I hope you find it helpful.

Who better to begin with than my friend Carolyn – her family is now taking their second Air Force stint in Montgomery.  They chose to live on base at Maxwell, and she agreed to share a little background on that decision:

Question: What were your options for housing when you moved to Montgomery?

Answer: We knew we could live on-base, in East Montgomery or in Prattville.  Since we had lived here before we had narrowed down those three places.

Question: What factors did you consider when making your housing decision?

Answer: First was location. My husband is expected at work sometimes at 4am. Driving 1/2 mile seemed easier than 10 to 15 miles. Second was school. We have 3 children, 12, 10 and 6 years of age all in school. We wanted a good public school but were willing to look at private schools if need be. Third was the house. How much is rent and how big will our house be on base? Rank dictates that decision. Is the house that they offer me going to meet my family’s needs?

Question:  Were there any resources that were especially helpful in making this decision?

Answer: John Coley was a great resource. John was able to physically look at houses that we thought looked awesome on-line. He could tell us if this was a good location or not. Military One Source is a great resource.  It has tons of information about every town that houses a military base. Schools, churches, private schools, shopping, just about anything (www.militaryonesource.com). On-line newspapers were also a good resource because you can read about your future town. You can see what parts of town are making the news (e.g. crime, flooding, construction).

Question:  Is there any advice you’d give to another family relocating to the Montgomery area?

Answer: Ask questions. Find someone who lives in the town and ask them about specific areas.  Read blogs. Don’t believe everything you hear. Just because one person didn’t like an elementary school doesn’t mean the school is horrible. Allow yourself some time to visit the town. Don’t make major decisions based on on-line pictures.

5. What are you currently enjoying about Montgomery?

Answer: Location! We are close to the beach and Lake Martin. We can travel to major cities with ease (Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville).  Outdoor activities – hiking,camping and boating are very close by . . . not to mention some great shopping!!

Thanks, Carolyn!  I have more interviews in the pipeline, so stay tuned.  If you have more specific questions about the River Region, contact us at the number at the top of the page or via the contact tab.  We’d love to help you make this area home!