Heads Up! School Registration in Montgomery, AL Is Around the Corner

November 10th, 2008 categories: Montgomery, Schools

1st Day of School 2 of 6

Heads up! School registration and open houses in  Montgomery, AL begin in January! Go ahead and get your game plan before the holidays and be ready to make informed decisions about where to send your child – of any age – to school next year (2009-2010).

In Montgomery, you have a few school considerationspublic school, private school, magnet school, or if you have young children and are military, on-base schooling.  If you are like us, we just didn’t know and had to tour them all.  Here’s the most basic list of options:

1) Public school:  Like everywhere else, if you are going the Montgomery Public School (MPS) route, you need to live in the school zone of your preference.  The most basic place to start is the MPS website, or MPS office (334) 223-6700.  I’ve written about a few of the public schools in East Montgomery, specifically, so check them out as well:  Blount Elementary School, Halcyon Elementary School, Carr Middle School.  There is no deadline for registration, but a child must turn 5 on or before September 2 to enter kindergarten, and 6 on or before September to enter 1st grade.

2) Magnet School:  MPS offers 9 different magnet schools with 10 different magnet programs.  These include the arts, accelerated academics, technology, math, science, and international studies.  Click here for more specific information on the individual schools and the application process.  There’s not much to do before the application is released on the website in January, and they’d like you to wait and take the group tours offered shortly thereafter.  I did find that people in the specific schools were very helpful and easy to work with if you need to tour at another time.  If you’ve never heard about Montgomery’s magnet program, check out this article, America’s Top Schools: #56 Right Here in Montgomery

3) Private School:  Whew!  There’s a lot going on here.  For a complete listing of private elementary and high schools in Montgomery County, click here.  There are many reasons for choosing a private school – religious, academic, athletic, geographic, etc. – and there are options all over the spectrum in Montgomery.  Same deal applies here as the magnet program – registration and open houses begin in January. If you know a school or schools you’d like to see, go ahead and “get on the list” so you’ll be notified about dates and times for applications, tour, and interviews.  Some private schools require a tour before applying.

The private schools work together with MPS to schedule open houses and make enrollment decisions during the same months to help families make timely decisions.  Families usually find out around spring break if they have gotten into these programs.

4)  Maxwell Elementary School:  This school is located at Maxwell AFB for families in the military.  It accepts eligible dependent children 4 yrs old through 6th grade living in permanent government housing on Maxwell AFB, Maxwell Heights and Gunter Annex.  For more information about Maxwell Elementary, click here.

This post is meant to be a launching point in the decision making process.  If you need help looking for a home with school considerations in mind, call us at the number above. A Realtor with personal experience in the housing/school market in Montgomery is a tremendous asset.