East Montgomery Insider Scoop: 5 Reasons to Check Out Deer Creek

October 2nd, 2008 categories: Montgomery, Neighborhoods

Okay – I’ll admit up front that we lived in Deer Creek for almost 9 years.  So I know a little about this East Montgomery neighborhood.  It is the colossus of planned communities on this side of town, and if you haven’t driven through, check it out next time you are headed east out Vaughn Road.

Here are 5 reasons I think it’s worth a peek:

1) Security. There are limited entrances and exits (3) which means that even though Deer Creek is in a prime east side location, there is little thru traffic.  It was planned that way.  Deer Creek also employs a private security service; you’ll see them driving around in their security car or at the front gate.  There is simply little reason to be there if you are not heading to or from a home.

2)  Price RangesGarden homes to sprawling family residences.  You can do small, medium, or large.  Same goes with the yard.  According to the Deer Creek website, there are up to 1600 lots on 800 acres.  The lots are divided into 21 neighborhoods.  It’s big, but it’s highly organized, and there is a lot to choose from.

3) Room to Roam.  I loved that we could get the kids on their bikes and ride for an hour without a) crossing a major road or encountering traffic,  b) getting too far from our home, and c) seeing the same thing twice.   The public spaces, sidewalks, and landscaping are well maintained, and that makes the roaming pleasant.

Deer Creek Pool

4) Amenities.  We could ride our bikes or walk to the pool, splashpark, playground, tennis courts, etc.  Enough said.

5) Public Schools.  Elementary age kids are zoned for Wynton Blount Elementary which is right behind Deer Creek on Ray Thorington Road.  Carr Middle School is being built next door to Blount Elementary.  There is obvious demand for these neighborhood public schools, and Deer Creek is in the thick of this zoing area.

Like I said, I’ve lived here.  Anyone else have any thoughts on life in Deer Creek?  Let us know by commenting below.

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