It’s Fun to Play at the Montgomery, AL YMCA

September 11th, 2008 categories: Activities, Montgomery

YMCA Soccer Good GameThe Y’s are great in Montgomery.  Spread all around town, they have excellent facilities and high participation from all ages.  That’s where people go.  From someone who did not grow up with an active YMCA program, this is a marvel – great fitness and entertainment for the whole family (year round) for a really cheap cost!

YMCA Montgomery SpinningFor moms with young children, they have child care.  For working parents, there’s after-school care.  My personal favorite is the heated indoor swimming area – a great change of pace from the regular February activity! The exercise classes are top notch, as are the personal trainers – should you be so inclined.  The fellowship with other families is an added bonus.

YMCA Montgomery Google MapIn east Montgomery alone, there are Y’s located on Bell Road, Atlanta Highway, and at The Waters. It’s hard to get too far from one. Click here for a larger version of this map.

There are sports programs – soccer, t-ball, baseball, football, volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, wrestling, track, cheerleading, swimming, etc., and their website says over 10,000 kids in Montgomery participated in sports through the Y.   Non-members can play sports, but Y members get a 50% cut in registration fees.  Even for small families, that discount will almost pay for the monthly membership cost.

It’s a great deal.  I had no idea.