Pike Road, AL is an Option for East Montgomery

August 19th, 2008 categories: Neighborhoods, Pike Road, Schools

There’s been a lot of talk about Pike Road lately. Pike Road Banner

It’s taken a good bit of research to figure out exactly what (and where) Pike Road is, but if you haven’t been out that way lately (east Montgomery County), there’s a lot going on.

The Town of Pike Road website is excellent, and helps tie together all the threads that make up this on-the-move community.  Click here to check it out.

Pike Road School Clip Art

The buzz these days is Pike Road’s future school system.  A Pike Road school (K-12) will be in Montgomery County, but independent of the Montgomery Public Schools.  They have the land, the design, the curriculum, the university partnerships;  once the magic number of 5,000 residents is hit, off they’ll go.  The commercial development that will fund this is quickly creeping down Vaughn Road, Chantilly Parkway, and Highway 80.

There’s already a lot of residential development going on in Pike Road, too:  Lochshire, Providence, Bridle Brook, The Waters, Cawfield,to name a few neighborhoods.  Some are very high end; some are quite affordable.  You can buy a home in an established neighborhood, or you can build your own in a new development.  And with such close acess to I-85, it’s not as far out as it used to be.

Looks like country’s come to town, and it’s bringing a school with it. Pike Road Country Road